We strive to be more than your typical doctor...here's how:

                1. We are devoted to restoring optimal health and wellness to our patients.

                2. Pain relief as quickly as possible as we seek to get to the “root” of the problem. 
                3. Integrity....we will accept you for care only if we sincerely believe we can help.
 4. We are whole person and faith-based.

                List of some services: 


·         Extensive Physical Therapy                                                 Cranial Adjustment

·         Chronic pain treatment programs                                          Wellness Profile

·         Nutritional counseling                                                          Non-Toxic Cosmetics

·         Spinal Decompression www.selvidgeNHCresources.blogspot.com

·        Low Cost Lab (go to home page)                                         Ideal Protein

·         Phone Consultation                                                              Hair Analysis

·         Laser therapy                                                                       Functional Medicine

·         Electric acupuncture                                                             Immune System Evlauation

·         Dr. Nancy’s Naturals   www.drnancysnaturals.com                  Whole Body Vibration

·         Natural Weight Loss: Slow Carb Diet                                      Infrared Sauna

Call for free  consultation. After we review your health history and learn about your health problem, we will let you know if we can help and how much it will cost.  Call 217-235-4664 or e-mail us at: dslvdg@aol.com. After Hours Call: 217-962-1764 .

Hours: Dr. Don M-W-TH 9-2:   Dr. Nancy: M-W-Th  2-6; Dr. Scott:  M-W-F  10-5. We are always in for emergencies