Quantum Weight Loss System

 Lose 20-45+ pounds in 40 days.  We measure your hormone levels with advanced VSIR technology and create a formula that fits your body.


                                   -No Guess Work

-Exact formula for optimal fat burning

-Fitted to each person’s body type

-Balances Hormones

-Balances Neurotransmitters


-Targets hard to lose areas of body

-Safe & personalized

-Easy Weight Loss

-Proven effective

-New to Central Illinois


        Call 217-235-4664 for free consultation.  Visit our website: www.QuantumWLS.com    



        We strive to give extra ...here's how:

                1. We are devoted to your optimal health & wellness.

                2. We will get you out of pain as quickly as possible. 

3. We will accept you for care only if we can help.
  4. We believe in treating the whole person.


      List of services we provide:                                                                                     


-Zyto Scan Eite...advanced diagnostic technology

-Chronic pain treatment programs     

-Quantum Weight Loss Program...breakthrough technology

 -Nutritional counseling                                                         

  -Spinal Decompression www.selvidgeNHCresources.blogspot.com

 -Ideal Protein

 -Phone Consultation                                                              

 -Laser therapy                                                                      

 -Electric acupuncture: Stop smoking                                                             

 -Dr. Nancy’s Naturals   www.drnancysnaturals.com               


Call for free  consultation. After we review your health history and learn about your health problem, we will let you know if we can help and how much it will cost.  Call 217-235-4664 or e-mail us at: drselvidge@gmail.com. After Hours Call: 217-962-1764 .

Hours: Dr. Scott:  M-W-F  10-5, text 618-830-7534